IT Development

Stigma Pte Ltd specialises in server/client mobile solutions and App development. We use cutting edge technologies to have a competitive advantage over other vendors. Our experts adopt the latest technologies into solutions we offer our customers after the thorough assessment. We have comprehensive experience in web development using PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, golang, and javascript. Our experts keep improving through the continuous education and studying the latest developments on the market. Over years we built up the testing frameworks for a new technology assessment, pre- and post-deployment testing and analysis.

We also research in behavioral science and optimize the efficiency of our products offering a better user experience. For this we use machine learning toolkits as well as the dedicated acceleration hardware, and adopt cutting edge methods and technologies.



Our partner


Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce (SMCCI)

Parallel Things (Singapore)

Primex Consulting (Singapore)

BLUEFA (Cyprus)

Sirius (Ukraine)

Route One Consulting (Singapore)

Neko Int'l (2012) (Singapore)

Our competence

Java (Java SE & Java EE)


Python, R, Pentaho BI Suite

ASP.Net C#, ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework

Front-end и JS Back-end (javascript; jquery; node.js; vue.js, react.js)

MySQL; Oracle; PostgeSQL; MongoDB, Firebird

Our advantage

individual approach

observance of terms

work transparency

Detailed study

Our service

Web Services Development

Application development

Design and development of interfaces

Blockchain application development