STIGMA PTE Ltd deals with multi-asset investments in Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, Italy and we are recognized to be specialists of the local real estate market as well as it tehnology. We are a member of Global Capital Market team and for many years STIGMA inc. has managed to succeed in making real estate and other most profitable asset investments for our customers worldwide.

Our experience in the property market

The cumulative experience of STIGMA PTE Ltd in investing on the Russian market is over 10 years. We are professionals in the sphere of corporate finances and have all-round expertise in commercial and residential real estate. We have successfully carried out a great amount of deals, including the time of economical downturns, known for its lower investment activity. We realize the actual property market demands due to a professional team specializing exceptionally in retail, warehouse property and daily dealing with the target audience. Our expertise allows us to get up-to-date information about the market conditions and consult our clients at the top of efficiency basing on the latest market trends and customer requirements. We always provide our clients with sufficient analytical materials, that can give any investor clear understanding of current and approachable returns on investment (ROI), as well as the risk of the asset being acquired.

Our guarantees We guarantee financial growth due to:

Professionally made up analytical materials for investing and flexible financial models, that allows the clients to make decisions, taking into consideration the current market changes

Covering the largest possible target audience, attracting the investments and exploring new investment opportunities for our clients

Providing our investors with the access to the investment tools and opportunities, including off-market offers

Providing the strategy for achieving the greatest profit basing on the market conditions and the forecast for its development

Making confidential deals at all stages